United Kingdom’s premier wholesale stock clearance company

We are skilled stock clearance specialists in purchasing and selling unwanted stock. Such as bankrupt stock, surplus wholesale stock, liquidation stock, closeouts and excess merchandise

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eco friendly company near me

After introducing our Eco Pack packaging - we set the goal to working closely with our delivery providers to reduce our carbon emissions footprint. Thank you for being part of our journey to a brighter greener future.

You can see our verified certificate here:- click here

Best Sellers

Clearance Warehouse brings you factory direct products at wholesale price

Welcome to a new era of buying online. Clearance Warehouse brings you factory direct products at wholesale price. Guaranteed. We are United Kingdom’s premier wholesale clearance centre.

Want to experience a whole new way of buying products online for your home or office? How does up to 80% off normal pricing sound? At Clearance Warehouse we are here to provide you massive savings on high quality products. For select dates during the year we will open our wholesale factory warehouse to the public and give you the opportunity to shop top quality products you would otherwise find in retailers around United Kingdom, for wholesale factory prices.

How you ask? The answer is simple. As we don’t have a retail shop front, we don’t have the huge expenses that come with running a retail store. Our wholesale factory warehouse is primarily based online meaning our overheads are small and the savings for you are large. With huge quantities of various products stock available, we guarantee you will find something you love, for significantly less than you would find elsewhere.

So if you’re looking for products for you home or office, at up to 80% off what you would pay in retail stores – shop directly online. We look forward to showcasing to you the Clearance Warehouse difference soon.


Exclusive Offers

We offer exclusive clearance sale events online intermittently throughout the year to the public. Sale events aren’t guaranteed frequent – but you can register your details to stay in the loop!


Wholesale Priced Products

Forget paying full priced for your next product. The team at Clearance Warehouse gives you access to WHOLESALE pricing. Same high quality products you would buy retail. Just Half the Price!


Delivery Available

We have close affiliations with freight & logistic companies throughout United Kingdom meaning we can provide you delivery options on all your online purchases. 

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